How to Affix a Ghostly Laptop Decal

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2012 06:45PM EST
A perennial favorite, the Ghostly Laptop Decal comes with one caveat, a somewhat tricky "installation" process. Thankfully, one of our fans, Stefan Schmidt, has taken it upon himself to put together an essential how-to for the uninitiated. With his permission, we've reposted his process here. You can also visit his blog.
Installing the Ghostly Laptop Decal according to Stefan Schmidt
Step 1: Remove the protective cover of the decal so that the sticky surface is exposed. Be careful not to touch it. Then place it on the laptop with the non-sticky side downwards. Adjust the position of the decal so that the actual artwork completely covers the logo. Now mark the edges with something that stays firmly in place. I used regular household grade plastic tape, which is certainly not the best solution, but it did the job.
Step 2: Carefully apply the decal by gradually lowering it on the surface while applying gentle pressure. If you mess it up there will be air bubbles.
Step 3: Remove the tape with the help of a tissue (using your uncovered finger nails might leave scratches on the surface) and remove the glue rests with a mild cleaning fluid.
Step 4: Enjoy!