Gift Card FAQ

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2013 11:28AM EST
What is The Ghostly Gift Card?
It’s the perfect way to send someone a little Ghostly care. It acts just like a digital debit card—from the denominations we’ve provided, choose the amount you would like to give (up to $200) and the recipient can redeem it for merchandise of their choice worth an equal or lesser value. 

How can I redeem The Ghostly Gift Card?
Gift cards can be used at only. Select the item(s) you're interested in and use your gift card to pay for it. It’s that easy. The Ghostly Gift Card keeps track of the balance, so you can use it on one purchase and then use it again on another with the remaining balance.

Can I check my gift card balance?
No problem, just email customer service and include your gift card number in the message so we can easily look it up. 

I’ve lost the email containing my gift card number, how do I get it back?
Easy, simply email customer service with the name of who gave you the card, the initial value, and approximate date and we’ll do the sleuthing. 

Can I add more money to my gift card?
Unfortunately, we’re unable to process payments in this manner.